Crime Fiction Stage

  • Crime fiction stage

  • For the second year running, the Paris Book Fair is organising a special space devoted to crime fiction in all its forms. An opportunity to meet all the major names in the genre and some new writers, and hear them speak about how they see the world today and how they imagine tomorrow, through a series of very special, thought-provoking exchanges.

    • Fact or fiction Some of the best books published over recent years have been based on true stories which authors investigated along the lines of the crime fiction format. This event looks back at some of these exceptional investigations where real life is stranger than fiction.

    • Grey Areas Looking at crimes and affairs that have raised ethical questions, writers, journalists, lawyers and philosophers examine the relationship between law and morals. This addresses normality and its limits, from classics such as Crime and Punishment, to more contemporary cases.

    • Mutual Influences A series of dialogues assessing the relationship between police fiction and the small and big screen, music, the visual arts, etc.. How crime fiction and its authors break into these fields and how these artists adopt the codes of noir fiction.

    • The major trends in crime fiction today will be explored in Crime Fiction News, along with all the latest news from the genre;

    • Crime Time From reconstructing a crime scene to readings in the dark via a true-or-false question session with “the killer still on the loose”, a series of encounters where crime fiction is graphically brought to life.

    • Other Language Literature Corruption, violence, bioethics… in the original language, international authors discuss a common topic to see how it is perceived and handled, according to where in the world the writer is based.

    • With historical crime fiction, spy novels, geopolitical thrillers, Geopolitics of the Crime offers a series of meetings to decipher the world of yesterday and today and understand the jolts.

    • Word Tournament In partnership with Le Livre de Poche, students fight it out in reading and writing “battles” around a major crime fiction literary work.

    • Abyss An hour when high school students interview crime fiction authors to get to the heart of their writing and the motivations and inspirations during their literary career.

  • Yann Perreau - Crime Fiction stage

    Yann Perreau is an author, literary critic and programmer. After five years in London as a Book Attaché at the French Institute of the United Kingdom, and then freelance journalist, including correspondent for Liberation, Art Press, he moved to Los Angeles in 2007. Cultural Attaché for the Southwest from the United States from 2007 to 2010, he now lives between Paris, Istanbul and Los Angeles. He also collaborates with Inrockuptibles, France Culture and Vanity Fair. Author of three books, the last of which, Anonymity: History (s) of a Counterculture, was published by Grasset in 2016. He is a member of the International College of Pataphysics and vice-president of the California International Art Foundation. Passionate about crime fiction novels, he regularly takes part in this field as a journalist, programmer, moderator (Paris Book Fair, Quai du Polar, etc.)

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