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  • 9 out of 10 visitors of Paris Book Fair have buy something during the event.
    Also, 95% of professionnels who came to the business morning have said they were entirely satisfied of their visite.

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    9 out of 10 visiteurs bought at least 1 item on Paris Book Fair.
    On average, 6 books are bought during the event with an average basket of 92€.

    Meeting new business parners

    Exhibit at Paris Book Fair

    Each year Paris Book Fair welcomes more than 9,000 professional visitors.
    95% of them are satisfied after their visit and 70% are willing come back the next year.
    One of the main aims of this particular audience is to meet business partners.

    Become an exhibitor and meet them !

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    Exhibit at Paris Book Fair

    1,100 journalists, blog writers and influencers cover every year Paris Book Fair.
    25 media partners will relay information about the event.