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    peace through open-books (V 26)

  • The Sultanate of Oman is this year Livre Paris's Special Guest. It is the culmination of a long history of cultural exchanges between Oman and France, and the recognition of the pioneering role of the Omani book in the regional cultural landscape.

    The participation of Oman, known for its open-mindedness, its cultural diversity, its millennial history and its living together based on a model of participatory, inclusive and peaceful democracy, will allow French and European visitors to discover, through this country, the magic of the East.

    On this occasion, a great effort of translation was deployed by the Omani State to make known to the French readers the wealth of the literary and intellectual production of this landmark country.

    Dozens of Omani writers, intellectuals, novelists, historians, poets, publishers and painters will be at the rendezvous. Omani music, through the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Oman, will be in the spotlight and will join this event.

    Discover Oman Sultanat's program and signing sessions

  • Publishing : contribution of official and civil organisations

    Contribution de l'Etat et de la société civile

    Publishing in Oman becomes a natural inclination whenever the right conditions prevail and when society celebrates writers and appreciates the topics in which they excel.

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    The France House in Muscat is a whole symbol

    La Maison de France à Mascate

    Omani-French relations formed an important part of the bountiful march in history, since its inception in 1660 and through the reign of Sultan Faisal Bin Turki.

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    Omani book…from hand copying to machine printing

    Oman France

    Authorship is not new in Oman, but it has been the outcome of centuries of intellectual development distinguished for variety and depth.

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  • The Muscat Book Fair: an unavoidable appointment

    Oman France - Salon du Livre

    Omanis agree that Muscat International Book Fair represents the most important cultural extravaganza earnestly awaited by all.


    Oman France - history of cultural relations

    Oman France - Echanges

    Relations between Oman and France are forging ahead and they gain momentum every year.



    Les sites ormanais

    The Sultanate of Oman is distinguished for many important historical sites that have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.


  • About Oman

  • "European travelers who, in ancient times, braved the sweltering sands of Arabia and crossed the Rub el-Khali (Empty Quarter) heading eastwards to the Arabian Sea never imagined how exotic would be the legendary land lying beyond. The Sumerians called it the land of Magan, currently the Sultanate of Oman"(From the book "Oman, Cultural and Natural Heritage" by Salvador Gubaru Sierra). .

    "Experience Oman"

  • From here, upon the convergence of the sea, the mountain and the desert, begins the tale of history of this southeasterly corner of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the tale of this land extending from the vast swathes of desert on the west and south of Oman to the Strait of Hormuz, the only water passageway connecting the Arabian Gulf with the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

    With its 3,165 kilometers coastline along the Sea of Oman and the Arabian Sea, and with a cluster of breathtaking islands clinging to its flanks, this unique terrain lies at the carrefour(crossroads) of marine tracks between Asia, Africa and Europe. The land of Oman offers natural corridors to the Silk Road, the Frankincense Road and Spice Road, thereby allowing the transfer of thoughts and the exchange of cultures among various civilizations.

    The natural geography and the strategic location of the Sultanate constituted a significant factor for super powers, which competed to win the satisfaction of Oman and enrich their relations with the Sultanate. In turn, Oman, being a civilization that lasted more than 5,000 years, extended a friendly hand and enhanced its qualitative value.

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