You can find all the information you need to plan your visit and your journey here.

Access to the Paris Book Fair is free for visitors under the age of 18, an identity document may be required at the entrance.

Don’t ever buy tickets from a street vendor: they may have been used already or fake and you won't be able to access the fair.

As part of counter-terrorism measures, and in order to keep a high welcoming quality, please read and take note of these following rules:

  • All visitors are systematically subject to a metal detector
  • Bulky baggages, large and oversized luggages, bags and bagpacks are strictly forbidden if larger than size A3 (42 x 33 x 16cm)

For non-admitted baggages, lockers are available outside: 1€ per item and per day. Please note that due to the security check at the main entrance, slowdowns may occur in the waiting line.

Visitors receive a wristband the first time they enter the venue. Once you have it, you can go and come back as you please.

You can bring your own books to get an autograph.

However, regarding the counter-terrorism plan, be careful not to carry them in a too large bag, as explained above.

Outdoor lockers are available for non-admitted items (1€ per item).

The dates of the Paris Book Fair will be announced shortly.

The official opening of the Fair will take place on March, Thursday 18th.

  • March, Friday 19th: 10am > 8pm
  • March, Saturday 20th: 10am > 8pm
  • March, Sunday 21st: 10am > 7pm
  • March, Monday 22nd: 9am > 6pm (dedicated access for professionals only from 9am to noon, open to visitors only after noon)

Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center provides charged parking lots. We advise you to park your car at the "R" parking, the closest to the venue.

For more information, please consult our access page.

The Paris Book Fair is an accessible event for people with mobility disabilities. A priority access to the ticket office will be placed at the entrance of the show. The entire Paris Book Fair is located on the first floor and all booths with a floor have a ramp.

Can I borrow a wheelchair?

To borrow a wheelchair, we advise you to make a request before coming to Paris Book Fair by sending an email to

On site, you can ask for a wheelchair at the Main Office. Wheelchairs are at disposal upon presentation of an ID and subject to availability.  

A cloakroom is available at the entrance of Hall 1 (1€ per item and per day).

The venue features tasty restaurants located in Pavilion 1 and inside the fair.

Pets are not allowed in the Book Fair.

In order for you to obtain a Visa, we can provide you an invitation letter. Please send us an email at with the following items:

  • A certificate from your employer or university
  • A copy of your passport
  • Your ticket to the fair

These documents are highly necessary in order to request an invitation letter from the fair administration department. Otherwise, only your sales manager can give his approval to letter invitation.

The Lost & Found Office is located at the Main Office on site.

An ATM is available outside Pavilion 1, next to the visitors' entrance.

The Book Fair provides this service. All the information and access codes are available on site at the Main Office.

Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center is a non-smoking area. It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the show.

    16, rue E. Jeannin Garreau 92130 Issy les Moulineaux
    +33 (0)1 55 00 68 68

During the fair, catalogues and booklets are freely available for visitors. Unfortunately, we won't be able to send you one after the show.

The exhibitors' list will be available soon.

The printed signing schedule will only be available on site at the opening of the fair. If you are looking for a specific signing session, we invite you to check the online signing list when it is available.

Due to the counter-terrorism security plan, the conditions listed below are strictly apply throughout the security check at the entrance.

En raison du plan Vigipirate alerte attentats, les consignes indiquées ci-dessous sont appliquées strictement lors du contrôle à l’entrée de Livre Paris. Failure to comply with these instructions will lead to your expulsion from the show.

These following items are strictly forbidden on site:

- Any replica weapon made of hazardous materials
- Replica weapons made of light wood with perforating or cutting parts
- Replica blunt weapons in heavy materials
- As a reminder, airsoft type replicas are strictly forbidden, both on the public place and at the fair.

These following items are allowed:

- Replica weapons made of cardboard, foam, light wood or any other non-hazardous material
- Blunt weapon replicas in lightweight material
- The replica weapons allowed to enter the festival will be "marked" by the security crew.

Any hostile demonstration with fake weapons that could lead to confusion, on the public place or within the Book Fair venue, will be punished.

For everyone's safety, we therefore invite you to:

- Keep replica edged or blunt weapons in scabbards
- Keep replicas of firearms in a bag or wrapping so they are not visible outside the fair.

Hate symbols are not allowed in the Book Fair, including in the context of the cosplay operation. The Paris Book Fair does not allow costumes containing hate symbols, including but not limited to historical/comic book related/satirical costumes with Nazis.


On-site reception

The Main Show Office is your main information center. It is located inside Pavilion 1. At your arrival, you have to come and get your badges: they are necessary to come back and forth for the whole duration of the fair.

On site, our team will be available to assist you and answer your questions regarding:

  • the implementation of your stand,
  • furnitures,
  • cleaning services,
  • utilities: water, electricity, parking lots, Internet...
  • handling equipment

The fair provides a free WiFi access, you can ask the codes at the Main Show Office.

Otherwise, if you need an extra connection, Viparis can provide you a charged one.

Contact: tel. : + 33 (0)1 40 68 16 16 or via their website.

As an exhibitor, you can schedule professional appointments, lectures or meetings in the Connexions or Pégase rooms. If you are interested in renting one of these spaces, please contact your sales representative or send an application mail at

The Book Fair provides a lounge bar for exhibitors located on the mezzanine near the main entrance. There, you can take a rest, schedule a professional meeting or grab a cup of coffee.

Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center provides charged parking lots. We invite you to contact Viparis about their offers.

Contact: tel. : + 33 (0)1 40 68 16 16 or their website.

The Exhibitor Gate is open in the morning only. You must enter via one of the other access doors for the rest of the day, upon presentation of your badge.

Badges & invitations

Every exhibitor receives a free-of-charge badge per 3m² of stand. You also can order additional badges on your Exhibitor online space or via your sales representative.

You must withdraw your badges from the Main Show Office before Thursday, March 18th at noon. Your badges will be handed to you upon the full payment of your participation invoice.

Your exhibitor badges are not mandatory during the installation days, but you must strictly have them to access the venue for the whole duration of the fair.

If you happen to lose your badge or have any trouble with it, we advise you to contact the Main Show Office on site.

No, it is strictly prohibited to lend or give your badge to another person.

Reminder: street vending tickets is a criminal offence covered by Law no. 2012-348 of 12 March 2012, which facilitates sporting and cultural event organization as published in the JO of 13 March 2012 (attached):

“Article 313-6-2. - Selling, offering for sale or displaying for sale, and transferring or providing means for sale or transferring entry tickets to a sporting, cultural or commercial event or live show in a regular manner and without authorisation from the producer, organiser or owner of the operating rights to that event or show is punishable by a €15,000 fine. This fine increases to €30,000 in the event of repeat offending.”

“In applying the first paragraph, entry tickets are considered to include any ticket, document, message or code, regardless of form or media, that confirms the acquisition of the right to enter the event or show from the organizer or owner of the operating rights."

You can access every area of the fair, including the Exhibitor Lounge bar. You also have access to the Opening Night with your exhibitor badge.

You can find the Paris Book Fair team's contacts by clicking here.

As an exhibitor, you can order invitations for your clients and leads on your Exhibitor online space, or by sending an email to your sales representative.

Exhibitor online space & billing

You should contact your sales representative.

You have to connect to your Exhibitor online space and contact our Sales administration managers.

Set-up & move-out

Please place an order to Camerus.

All the needed information will be published online soon.

All the needed information will be published online soon.

You may ask to the technical front desk, located at the Main Show Office.

For any technical questions regarding your stand, you may ask to the technical front desk at the Main Show Office.

You will find all the needed information in the set-up guidelines, the exhibitor's manual online on your Exhibitor space account.


Your author badge gives an access for the whole duration of the fair. You will receive your badge by email, once your publisher fills in the signing sessions on its Exhibitor online space.

Only authors who are permanent board members of any writer’s association or organism will be accredited. Your association/organism will send you an email so you can apply for a free-of-charge pre-accreditation and receive an e-badge.

Your badge allows you to come to the Opening Night at 6pm.

Your badge is valid for one person only. Anyone who wants to come with you must purchase a ticket. If you want an invitation for your guest, we advise you to contact your publisher.

If your attendant has a valid ticket, he/she will be able to access the fair through the same access as you.

There are two options if you want to take part of the fair:

  • Your publisher is already an exhibitor: we advise you contact your publisher to display your books and organise signing sessions.
  • Your publisher is not an exhibitor or you are a self-published author: you can book a booth to display your books and organise your own signing sessions. The Paris Book Fair stands for editorial diversity and  Livre Paris soutient la diversité éditoriale and has a range of offers to suit all budgets.

Contact us for more information.

Our programmers team selects authors among the exhibitors' catalogues. Si your publisher is not an exhibitor or if you are a self-published author, you can book a spot with the "booster pack".

Contact us for more information.

You can contact the VIP/Speakers welcoming desk inside the fair.

You can fill in all the information from your Exhibitor online space. Once completed, the information will be displayed on our website. Our editorial committee will select those who will be printed in the "Temps Forts" and "Dédicaces" booklets.


If your attendant has a valid ticket, he/she will be able to access the fair through the same access as you.

You cannot access the Opening Night with your profesionnal badge. The exhibitors only can obtain and deliver you an invitation.

Did you check your spams? If you didn't receive anything, please contact us by email at

Please contact us by email at

Please contact us by email at

A morning session is dedicated to professionals on Monday, from 9 to 12 am. The program of this session will be available on our website.


You can find cash desks at the main entrance of Pavilion 1. They will be available during the opening hours of the fair.

When you buy your tickets online earlier, you can benefit from exclusive preferential rates.

The only skip-the-line ticket is the "Pass Grand Lecteur" which allows to cut through the main entrance. However, this pass does not allow to skip lines for signing sessions.

It is better to print your e-ticket ; however we can read them on your phone at the entrance.

A ticket is valid for one day only. The "Pass Grand Lecteur" only gives you an illimited access to the fair (except for the professional session on Monday until noon).

If you wish to go out and come back later in the day, you can ask for a wristband allowing you to enter again.

Online tickets are not nominative.

For the "Pass Grand Lecteur" ordered online, you will have to exhange your countermark to you named pass at the dedicated entrance the first day of your visit, upon presentation of your ID.

Children under the age of 18 benefit from a free access to the fair, they don't need to present a ticket.

You can exhange your weekly ticket to a weekend ticket by adding €2 on site, by the cash desks at the main entrance.

A attendant accompanying a disabled person benefits from a free access to the fair.

We gladly answer any question you may have by email at

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